Sauna bath is a kind of steam bath, invented in Finland, which is not only used to for luxurious experience of bathing but for detoxification, healing and relaxing.

The session of sauna is done for short period of time where your body heats up and starts sweating and followed by cooling off outside the sauna room. The traditional sauna model have stones in fireplace which are heated at high temperatures, here water is flowed over these stones continiuously which raises steam and finally heats up the air in the room. 

But the advanced technologies electric heaters, infrared rays, etc have made such indulgence  in the reach of many people without giving much affliction.

Sauna has amazing health benefits, lets discuss some of those:

Detoxification of the body

Sweating is an excellent way of detoxifying yourself many other organs in your body like lungs, kidneys, bowels, lymphatic system and skin performs eminent role in this process of detoxification. Sauna bath activates activates the sweat glands and defecate toxin from the body in the form of sweats.

Improves blood circulation

Sauna bath increases the heart rate which in turn increases the blood circulation and the heat of sauna steam dilates the blood vessel ensures proper supply of blood even in thinnest capillaries.

Ameliorates skin

Pores in our skin gets clogged due to improper cleansing, application of creams, deos and dead cells, causing many skin problems like acne, blackhead, pimple, etc. Sauna bath helps our skin to sweat which in result open the pore and excrete the dust particles clogged from our skin leaving it clean and healthy.

Helps in losing weight

These days, the most sought after benefit of sauna bath is losing weight, along the sweat, one tends to loses great amount of water part from our body which results in magnificent change in our body weight

Muscle relaxation

After doing exercise, one might feel strain in muscles, due to excessive stretchings and release of enormous amount of lactic acid from our body. Sauna bath increases the blood circulation which help muscles to relax and flush out the plethoric lactic acid from the body.

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