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" It`s Important to stand out from the crowd, and in part that means offering an impeccably designed catalogue that never fails to inspire, highlighting the level of quality and style that the COLSTON GROUP has achived in its designs.A Gallery of product that are always a step ahead of spa sector trends, The result is a balances combination of versatility and advanced technolozy that features the most exclusive kind of contemporary design "

Colston Idromassaggio Bathtubs : Hydromsassage System 

Colston idromassaggio Bathtubs are equipped with different hydromassage systems, to better answer your needs.
Whirlpool Nozzel





The specific Whirlpool nozzle, with exclusive performances that increase the effectiveness of hydromassage, can be easily adjusted to vary the direction and intensity of the jet to better suit personal needs. It also can be easily disassembled for deeper cleaning.



Airpool Nozzle





The Airpool nozzle in the bottom of the bathtub is flat and minimal to increase
comfort during the bath.


Jet Plus 




Some bathtub models are fitted with a specific directionable nozzle, JET PLUS, focusing on back and feet zones, that makes the massage experience more intense and revigorating.

 1WHIRLPOOL SYSTEM : Mixed air and water flow out of the directionable jets, which direction may be adjusted and intensity can be varied to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulations
 2The Pulsating Whirlpool function alternates a softer to a more dynamic massage, similar to the sensations given by the sea waves.
3AIRPOOL SYSTEM: Air bubbles are released from the air nozzles positioned at the bathtub bottom, for a delicate and caressing massage.
4The Pulsating Airpool function alternates a softer to a more dynamic massage, similar to the sensations given by the sea waves.


Made In Italy

Colston idromassaggio bathtubs are MADE IN ITALY out of coextruded material: a high quality and durable material, easy to clean  and maintain. Our products are green by definition, as Ourproduction process allows the recycling of the scratches, thus reducing the environmental impact.


Colston idromassaggio bathtubs are fitted with an exclusive system, blowing after, which empties the air lines of any residual water by blowing air through the system after the bathtub has been drained, thus offering maximum hygiene. When required, Colston bathtubs are equipped with a semiautomatic disinfection programme for cleaning the nozzles and the whirlpool circuit with a sanitizing liquid filled into a special tank.



Colston idromassaggio bathtubs can be equipped with taps and fittings installed on the tub rim, with manual or thermostatic mixer, water inlet or inlet with overflow. The Colstonidromassaggio wellness experience can be completed by some comfortable headrests, underwater light or chromotherapy and, on some models.


        BATHTUB WITH FRAME                                                     WHIRLPOOL                                                  AIRLPOOL                                                         COMBI                                                    SANITIZATION 


Bathtub With Frame





Airlpool Bathtub