Alpha 06- Luxury Hot-Tub Hydromassage Bath | Pool and Spa

ALPHA 06- Design and quality characterize our world Sleek and innovative, modern and classic, elegant
and adaptable to every Hot-tub Space, Technology that turns into art to make a simple Luxury Jacuzzi
Bath with pure emotion.

                                            Inspire by C O L S T ON   B A T H 

ALPHA 06 Premium and Luxury Bath Hot-tub

Alpha 06 Premium Hot-tub, Design and Comfort are a combination that makes every Hot-tub space are unique, Alpha 06 This system is active every time the Luxury Whirlpool Massage Bath is used and ensures that the Waterfall run efficiently, and maintain optimal water quality.



- ALPHA 06 - Premium Luxury Pool and Spa 


 -           6 Person Adult



 2350 x 2250 x 900 (mm)




Water Capacity

 -                               1400 L

Weight with Water

 - 1785 Kg

Water Pumps

 - 1 Pc 1500 W and 1 Pc 220 W

Rotating Jet

 - 1 PC 5" S.S Rotating Jet
7 PC 4.5" S.S Rotating Jet
8 PC 3.5" S.S Rotating Jet


Fix Jets

- 12 Pcs 2.5" Stainless Steel Direct Jet
8 Pcs Small Jet

Airpool Jets

 - 22 Pcs Air Bubble Jet

Water Column/Waterfall

 - 3 Pc Water Column

Ozone System

 - 1 Pc

Pillow/Back Rest

 - 3 Pc Luxury Pillow and 1 Pc Back Rest
Control Panel - Computerized Control Panel


 - 1 Pc Water Bottom Light


Electrical Requirement


Power Supply

  5.5 K.W


  3 K.W Heater

Air Pump

  700 W

Air Adjuster



  1 Float Filter with Cover

Water Drainage

  1 Pc

Acrylic Color


Other Colors optional

Skirt Color

  Coffee Brown
Other Colors optional

Jets, Waterfall Massage Jets, Directional Nozzle

Some Bathtub model is fitted with a specific directional Nozzle, JET PLUS, focusing on back and feet zones, that makes the massage experience  more intense and revigorating.

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