Dual Level Showers

Dual Level Shower, With diaverter control system now you can enjoy double layer waterfall by Colston Bath

Savio- Color Chromotherapy, Rain Shower, Mist

SAVIO- Color Combinations is making rainbow, color bath therapy,

Luxury Chromotherapy Bath with premium shower it has Rain-sky Shower, Mist Shower, Waterfal
SIZE : 520 x 500mm

Neon X- Mist Shower with chromotherapy

NEON X- Chromotherapy, Mist Shower, Rain sky Shower

NEON X- Design and Matchless Functionality to contribute great performance in your bathroom

It has Rain sky shower, Chromotherapy, Rain shower, Mist Shower, Chromotherapy, and Remote SIZE : 500 x 500mm

Neon X- Mist Shower with chromotherapy

NEXA X- Simply unique and exceptional

NEXA X- Engineered to reduce clutter and create ample space for movement

Color Therapy, Waterfall Massage, Rain Shower

SIZE- 550 x 300 mm

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