The Essential Element of Premium Water Flow

COLSTON BATH   - A rainbow that whispers soothing harmonies. We backed with exotic-most designs, unrivalled technology, delivering immaculate performance, COLSTON SHOWERS with seven delightful colours that makes your bathing experience truly rejuvenating journey.

ROME CX- Color Chromotherapy, Rain Shower

ROME CX- Structure of shower head can show many romantic feelings in designer Bathroom, It has Luxury Chromotherapy Bath, Waterfall Massage Shower, Rainsky Shower, Column Spray, Mist and Remote, SIZE- 600 x 600 mm
Rome 4X Luxury Column Spray Shower


Rome 4x- It Has Luxury Chromotherapy Bath With Premium Rain Shower, Mist Shower, Whirl Shower, Waterfall And Remote Mist Shower, 32" Luxury Top Shower Four Function With Color Therapy Nozzle Color, Light Grey Size- 800 X 800 Mm


Comfortable and convenient use make your shower head absolutely p e r f e c t and i n c u r n a t e our meticulous

It has Luxury rain Shower, Rain Intense, Mist, LED waterfall Chromotherapy and Remote

Size- 800 x 600 mm

Wisdom CX Luxury Column Spray Shower
Canvas 2X Luxury Column Spray Shower

CANVAS 2X- Color Chromotherapy, Waterfall

CANVAS 2X- Colors, It may be the final lap in the process of designing the Bathroom

It has Luxury Chromotherapy Bath, Waterfall Massage Shower, Rain Shower

SIZE- 800 x 800 mm


ORLANDO- According to difference design of arc and Water spray, shower head can give you different taste

It has Rain Shower, Column Spray, Mist, Chromotherapy and Mobile App Control

Size- 600 x 600 mm

Orlando Luxury Column Spray Shower


THAMES 4X Spray Shower - The Bathroom is one area of the residence which has the maximum footfalls.

being used by all the members of the family as well as visitors.

SIZE- 600 x 600 mm

CASA 2X- Rainsky Shower, Mist Shower

CASA 2X- Creating New Elegant Space Which will not be forever washed out with shining light in your bathroom.

It has color Chromotherapy, Mist, Waterfall, Chromotherapy and Remote

SIZE- 600 x 450 mm

CASA 2X Luxury Column Spray Shower
Chromo Luxury Column Spray Shower

CHROMO- Rain Shower, Intense, Mist

CHROMO- At the Moment, we meet Colston Showerhead, We flutter with new hope
It has Rain Shower, Mist Shower, Chromotherapy and Remote

SIZE- 680 x 430 mm

FLORENCE MIST- LED Waterfall, Mist, LED Waterfall

FLORENCE MIST- Water is the essential fluid of water, Impressive Chromotherapy Bath With Rainsky Shower, Mist, Waterfall and Remote Control
SIZE- 450 x 450 mm

Florence Mist Luxury Column Spray Shower
OSCAR MIST Luxury Column Spray Shower

OSCAR MIST- Chromotherapy, Mist Shower

OSCAR MIST- When timelessly modern designs blend seamlessly with extraordinary functionality, It has Rain shower, Mist Shower, Chromotherapy Shower and Remote

SIZE- 550 x 300 mm

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