Joy / Joy NX- Whirlpool Hydro-Massage Luxury Bathtub

Size- 1700 x 800 x 590 mm

Create Transparency And Link The Water With The Living Space Occupied By Its Residents.

Whirlpools and Waterfall Baths in your bathroom allow you to create a relaxing spa-like experience in your own home, Colston Bath wellness into your home with great style and panache. Their jets project water in a flowing, circular motion, which offers a wide array of health benefits, including relaxation, improved blood circulation and sore muscle and joint relief. Whatever you desire, whether hot or cold water massages, long relaxing soaks or even chromo therapy

Basic Functions

-  Pneumatic Control
-  Multi Flow Hand Shower
-  Pop up Drainage System
-  Bathtub Filler
-  Spout with Hot & Cold Mixer
-  3 Side Skirt( Optional)

Recreation Function

-  1.0 HP Whirlpool Massage Pump

Health-Care Function

-  Hydraulic Massage
-  Bubble Bath(Optional)

Safety Functions

-  Automatic Shut down Safety Protection against High Current Leakage
-  Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
-  Creep Age Protection
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