Leontes 262 Whirlpool Luxury Bath System

Size- 1800 x 1500 x 700 mm

Air bath tubs offer a more gentle experience, as thousands of tiny warm air bubbles are circulated into the water around you from small holes in the bottom and sides of the tub.

This relaxing experience results in a quiet, self-draining and easy to clean tub, with a heating unit to keep your water warm through the entire bath. It has Computerized System, Under Water Color Changable Light, Hydraulic Massage, Back Massage, Bubble Massage.

Basic Functions

-  Computerized Control
-  Water Level Controller
-  Multi Flow Hand Shower
-  Pop up Drainage System
-  Bathtub Filler Spout with Hot & Cold Mixer

Recreation Function

-  Under Water Color Changeable Light
-  1.5 HP Whirlpool Massage Pump
-  0.5 HP Air Pump
- Online Heater(Optional)

Health-Care Function

-  Bubble Bath
-  Hydraulic Massage
-  Ozone Sterilization System
-  Back Massage

Safety Functions

-  Automatic Shut down Safety Protection against High Current Leakage
-  Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
-  Creep Age Protection
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