The Outdoor Spa Collection by C O L S T O N has a sophisticated stylish design, impeccable finishes and perform to the very highest standards. The Designer style panels in the range have an understated and refined appeal and are all produced using the top quality material so you can choos the finish which best suits the decor of your home or the style of your garden.

Premium Luxury Outdoor P o o l Series

Every ergonomic Spa seat is fitted with different jets of varying intensity, positioned to stimulate and relax specific parts of the body.

Neck. shoulders and mediodorsal muscles.

Premium Design Collection Series-ALPHA

Clean and hygienic, always

Whether your spa is used for the domestic or professional purpose, keeping the water scrupulously clean is an essential requirement. .

Comfort Spa Collection Super Series

"C O L S T O N Spa" are insulated with closed cell expanded polyurethane, restricting heat loss and thus guaranteeing energy savings. The version with heat exchanger, available for the Spa models, delivers further energy savings and speeds up the time needed to heat the water.

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