Alpha 03- Premium Hot-Tub Hydromassage Bath

Size- 2000 x 1500 x 800 mm

ALPHA 03- We Design Timeless Bath space, That is Impervious to trend and last Generations, We put people and their well-being first through the constant Innovation of forms and material. Alpha 03 Hot-tub, Place this HOT-TUB in unique space for feeling "L U X U R U B A T H" This HoT-Tub a fully featured luxury hydro-massage, It Has Bluetooth operating system now you can connect also from your Mobile Device, Three people are suitable for this Luxury Hot-tub.
Designer Outdoor Pool


Model - ALPHA 03 - Premium Massage Hot-Tub
Seat - 3 Person Adult
Dimensions - 2000 x 1500 x 800 (mm)
Bluetooth/FM - Bluetooth
Water Capacity - 1000 L
Weight with Water - 1215 Kg
Water Pumps - One Motor 350 W and One 1500 W
Rotating Jet - 2 PC 5" S.S Rotating Jet, 5 PC 3.5" S.S Rotating Jet
Fix Jets - 6 Pcs 2.5" Stainless Steel Direct Jet
8 Pcs Small Jet

Airpool Jets - 8 Pcs Air Bubble Jet
Ozone System - Yes
Pillow/Back Rest - 2 Pc Luxury Pillow and One Back Rest
Control Panel - Computerized Control Panel
Light/Chromotherapy- One Water Bottom Light, 8 Pcs Small LED

Electrical Requirement

Power Supply - 4.8 K.W
Heater - 1 Pcs 3 K.W
Air Pump - 300 W
Air Adjuster - 2 Pcs
Filter - 1 Float Filter with Cover
Water Drainage - 1 Pc
Acrylic Color - Pearl/White or Other optional Color
Skirt Color - offee Brown or Other optional Color

Thanks to the step built into the shell

Spa is always ready to use: the system automatically keeps the water temperature constant. The water remains in the pool for long periods of time and is always clean and sanitized thanks to the filtration and ozonization system. the only time you need to completely empty the spa is when it is not going to be used for a long period of time.  

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