A Combined high-quality design an elegant Shower Room

It is possible to create an attractive Shower area in every architectural sitation, including smaller bathroom, such as guest bathroom

Victor Premium Shower Panel

Size 1500 x 370 x 60 mm

LED temperature indicator Turn on the cold & hot control valve to generate water flow. and draw the power generation system if this configuration.The Temperature indicator can automatically indicate the water temperature ( Without battery )
You could turn on the temperature indicator by pressing it lightly. and it can be turned off after bath. Users need to put 3pcs 1.5V 5Ni-MH batteries into the battery box of the unit.
Luxury Shower Panel for Bath by Colston
304 Stainless Steel double-head top shower

304 Stainless Steel Double-Head Top Shower

Luxury Waterfall

Waterfall Shower

Luxury Waterfall

304 Stainless Steel Fog Jet

Square spout

Square Spout

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