Lynx-eyed Bathtubs

Lynxeyed Bath Equipment's
Lynx-eyed Offered bathtubs ar extremely snug to be used and supply utmost relaxation to user. Provided bathtubs ar good to be used on commonplace. These bathtubs ar factory-made victimisation high grade stuff beneath observation of our diligent professionals with latest innovative techniques. additionally to the current, offered Plain Bathtubs ar checked on completely different parameters at our ends before dispatching into market to confirm defect free delivery of it.
Corner Bathtub- ELDO X

Size- 1420 x 1420 x 600 mm

Premium Corner Bathtub-Gia

Size- 1500 x 1500 x 700 mm

Plain Bathtub- Basillio

Size- 1700 x 1250 x 650 mm

Plain Bathtub-Carlito

Size- 1700 x 850 x 620 mm

Roma 05 Hydraulic Massage Bathtub

Size- 1500 x 780 x 580 mm

Kerry 107 Hydraulic Massage Bathtub

Size- 1355 x 1355 x 430 mm

Kerry 102 Hydro-massage Bath

Size- 1825 x 925 x 420 mm

Kerry 101 Plain Bathtub

Size- 1520 x 760 x 410 mm

Kerry 113 Plain Hydro-massage Bath

Size- 1829 x 1219 x 415 mm

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