Opera 360° Whirlpool Waterfall Massage Bathtub

Size : 1510 x 1510 x 580 mm

OPERA- It Just not a Bathtub, Its A Whirlpool Bubble Massage Bath with LED Light

It Has Bubble Bath With Led Light, Hydraulic Massage, FM System
Opera Waterfall Massage Bathtub

Basic Functions

-  Fully Compterised Control Panel
-  Water Level Controller 
-  Hand Shower
-  Hot & Cold  Mixer
-  Recycle Waterfall
-  Drainer

Health Care Function

-  Bubble Bath with LED Light
-  Hydraulic Massage
-  Ozone Sterilization System

Recreation Functions

-  FM System
-  360° Waterfall
-  2.0 HP Whirlpool Pump

Safety Functions

-  Automatic Shut down Safety Protection against High Current Leakage
-  Earth Leakage Circuit Braker
-  Creep Age Protection
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