Overflow Whirlpool Massage Bath System

Size : 2000 x 1050 x 480 mm

River-flow- bathtub is designed to be shared and used in large bathrooms, river-flow bathtub caters for luxury bathing and enhance the room's appearance.

It has bubble bath, hydraulic massage, hand shower, under water color changeable light.

Riverflow Premium Bathtub

Basic Functions

- Computerized Control panel 
- Water Level Controller
- Hand Shower
- Water Filler
- Recycle Over Flow
- Hot & Cold Mixer
- Drainer
- Faucet

Health Care Function

- Bubble Bath
- Hydraulic Massage
- Ozone Sterilization System

Recreation Functions

- Under Water Color Chnageable Lights
- 1.0 HP Whirlpool Massage Pump
- 0.5 HP Air Pump

Safety Functions

-  Automatic Shut down Safety Protection against High Current Leakage
-  Earth Leakage Circuit Braker
-  Creep Age Protection
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